Brazilian Paper and Cardboard industry specializing in Dielectric Paper, Footwear Cardboard and Apple Trays.


Apple Trays

Trays with a firm structure and smooth texture produced in a sustainable way.

Cardboards for Shoes

High strength cardboard for shoe assembly insoles.

Dielectric Papers

Contaminant-free cardboards with high dielectric strength.

Culture of INDUMA

We continually seek to ensure and improve the quality of our products.

We have a relationship of trust and credibility with our customers, strengthening partnerships that have lasted for decades every day.

Recognition from our employees, our achievements were achieved through the serious and honest work of great human beings.

Respect for the environment, we produce quality products recycling thousands of tons of paper annually.

Since 1943

Induma was founded in 1943 by a German immigrant, Hermann Hinrich Purnhagen, who arrived in Brazil in 1922 with a huge cultural background, knowledge of professional carpentry and an innovative spirit.

It started its activities in Rio do Sul – SC, in the wood sector, as a manufacturer of marine plywood, doors and windows.

From the 1970s, with Horst Gerhard Purnhagen as CEO, the company migrated its activities to the manufacture of cardboard, bringing its industrial park to its current location, in Taió - SC.



All the firewood consumed at the factory comes from its own reforestation areas.

The company annually recycles thousands of tons of paper, purchased from collectors, recycling cooperatives and collection centers.

All waste generated at the factory is treated and disposed of correctly.

Social Responsability

Induma understands that health is essential for maintaining the quality of life and well-being of its employees and dependents, which is why it offers several benefits in this area:


Medical care in the company; Agreements for medical, dental and clinical analysis laboratory services; Vaccines, exams and more!


Bonus for schooling for employees who have completed high school; The company has been a sponsor of the Proerd program since the beginning.


Housing for its employees and dependents close to the company.

Sport, leisure and culture

Induma's Sports, Educational and Cultural Association promotes the integration of its employees, their families and the community.


Group life insurance; Transportation for employees residing in the city center; Food card; Uniform.

Job Opportunities

Maintenance Mechanic

Requirements: Experience in the field
Salary: Open to negotiation
Workload: 220 hours a month
Benefits:  Convênios médicos e odontológicos, Transporte gratuito, Moradia gratuita, Cartão alimentação, Treinamentos, Medical and dental agreements, free transportation, free housing, food card, training, compatible salary based on function, group life insurance, awards every ten years and uniform.

Be part of our team

The quality of life of those who work with us is one of our greatest values. Come and be a part of the induma team!

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Estrada Palmital, S/N, KM10,
Bairro Palmital
Taió – SC, 89190-000

+55 47 3411-0099

Induma S/A Indústria De Papel E Papelão
CNPJ: 82.643.255/0001-37